Each moment is so precious A day past can never be recovered Embrace what is at hand , the challenge, the circumstance Enjoy whatever task at hand Because tomorrow is unknown But today we have whatever we create Breathe, embrace and love each moment Peace and Love ❤️

Another chance

Thank God for another beautiful day. I woke up knowing I failed the day before but was given another chance. I tell myself today will be better I will keep my promises to do good, help others and resist temptation. Another day is given, let’s embrace that second chance and thank God for a new... Continue Reading →

Time cut short

This past week I lost a childhood friend. He was an incredible man, good husband and father and extremely faithful to God. At the age of 43 , God called him home. I am still in disbelief especially since he has a son, age 17, who has succumb to a wheelchair in a vegetative state... Continue Reading →

Prayer of strength

Dear Lord, Please help me stay strong and have faith Lean on you to do what is best Focus on what is ahead Lead those who need my guidance Encourage those who need my support Help me remain calm and steadfast In all I am meant to do for your great glory. Amen

Release these chains

Raise our hands to God and ask to release the chains that bind us. The chains of anger, resentment, pain, heartbreak, Illness, prejudice, bias, hate, war, crime, and all emotional, physical and mental restraints. Release and renew us ❤️ blessings to all


How much time is lost by being anxious? It's so hard to control, and compels our thoughts and actions. I sit still in silence and try to let go of my anxious state of mind. I exhale to release the worrisome energy and inhale the love, faith, and hope God has promised. I try to... Continue Reading →


It was a long day and I was short tempered with everyone. I snapped at a gas station attendant taking forever to assist me. My mother turns to me and says “ is that the way I raised you? I taught you to be a good Christian , not to speak to someone that way.”... Continue Reading →

Time slipping by

Wandering around this big city, observing the mix of human kind People racing all around as if they are all loosing time Many drown out the noise with ear buds, rapidly walking, looking straight ahead, no eye contact, no emotion, no life I watch with sadness, how this world is passing them by It feels cold,... Continue Reading →

Healing Water

I glide down the steps into glistening water. I submerge my entire body and feel all burdens wash away. The weightless sensation is a peaceful escape from all worries and pains. Floating in tranquil water, with my eyes closed and the warm sun beaming above, I am filled with strength. My ears flooded, I hear... Continue Reading →

Open your heart ❤️

I pray for you to open your heart and see the positive. To open your eyes and see the beauty. To open your ears and hear the whispers. Believe this moment is significant and the people and circumstance around are all vastly important. Trust that this is the plan and you are where you need... Continue Reading →

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