Soul Mate

Who believes in Soul Mates?  Does this really exist? I do believe in soul mates and hope and pray that mine will realize he is where he is suppose to be at the right time.

I met mine when we were young, I was 17 and knew it instantly.  Crazy, but to this day I remember every detail of what he looked like, his scent and his beautiful smile. I remember his touch and I remember his eyes staring into mine. A cute quirk was him grabbing my hair over my shoulder.  But I remember, crazy since there were many others after him, including my spouse of 20 years. But I remember vividly my soul mate, no one as much as I do him. So what does that all mean?  I really have no idea, but I have hope and I believe there is some validity to it.

This boy was handsome, full of life, argumentative, sincere, loving, passionate, drove me crazy and at such a young age. I didn’t want to trap him and have him married at 21 like so many in our generation. So I let him go, because I knew he had so much to experience. For me, I had my own agenda. I had my plan, get married, have 3 kids before 30 and live happily every after. What the heck does that even mean?  God gave me my beautiful, healthy and loving three children by my 30th birthday. I am so grateful for this blessing. They are my pride and joy and truly Gifts from God! But  I am left empty. I found a good dad, the best ever, and the girls are completely spoiled by him. But I had to sacrifice a lot for this life for them! Now my oldest, 18, she understands and told me the other day, she wants a companion who will support her ambition, be a loving husband, be a good father, and communicate and enjoy being  with her. She knew and she understood my pain, and that clarity was so reassuring.

So we need to value our decisions, understand our opportunities, choose wisely and love with our entire being, the soul mate destined to be with us. May we all feel this some day in our lives.

Love to you all! ❤️

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