One of the most riveting statements is, whatever choices we make, OWN UP TO IT! Don’t blame others for any failures, aggravation, hardships, etc. The decisions we make, OWN UP TO IT! Follow through with the decision and make the most of it!

If things go well, we glorify in the affirmation of our choice.  When things go array, we seek to find someone to blame.  Why do we do this?

Whether it be marriage, business, friendships, academic, we all come across this, and it is so important how we deal with our choices and decisions.

Personally, I struggle with decisions made 20 years ago. Feel bitter for certain choices made, however, I will not blame anyone for these choices.  I made them, I need to take a deep breath and understand why I did and find the positive in the situation. Otherwise, it becomes destructive and sad.

At the end of the day, our attitude dictates the direction of our choices. Choose to accept what was decided and go forward . Do not look behind, but learn from the  past to ultimately choose better in the future.


Peace and ❤️







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