What each one of us envisions as perfect is so fascinating. Someone told me to watch the show “This is Us” because it’s so amazing and Jack is the most amazing father/husband. I was interested, and watched 3 shows from season 1 and tonight’s Season 2 premiere. OMG , the perfect man dies! What the heck??

After watching first 3 episodes, I hardly feel Jack is the perfect man for me. It’s interesting how each of us perceive the perfect family, the perfect life. I have no desire to have a man like Jack,  but to many it’s the contrary. I come from a family of very strong women. We make all major decisions, we handle hardships and persevere. We help and support the men in our life and have enormous faith.  I pass this knowledge, strength and faith to my daughters. We have to be strong and endure, because life is not perfect. There are many obstacles and burdens to overcome. I pray each day, that ALL children will do the will of God, to the best they can and make this world a better place. I  envision, that the youth have to be guided and continue to strengthen the younger ones, show them how to survive, how to succeed and how to make this world Better!

Strength and perseverance is what I envision 🙂

Love to you all!



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