Back to Basics

I had a meeting with my corporate accountant the other day, and he looked at me and said the company’s profitability isn’t looking to good. He continued to tell me I had two options, either I step it up and take further control of the situation or close the doors by the end of next year.  This company has been a family business for 40 years and its future lie in my hands. I took a moment, breathed deeply, thought of my children’s future and asked how do I make things change.  His response was you need to go “Back to the Basics”.

I went home and thought about that last statement, “Back to the Basics” and what it means. It applies to so many areas of life and can solve so many complex situations. Such a simple statement can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.  Perhaps it is to simplify life, go back to the root of each circumstance, gain a better understanding by listening, observing and comprehending each moment. We can delve deeper and go back to the basics of our existence, that God created us equally and we should love and care for one another. We should live in peace and treat life with respect.

This statement resonates with me, to thrive to be humble and kind, loving and nurturing and an example to the children we are raising so they can embrace life with great depth. We can all take a step back, get a fresh start, learn from our past, and create an amazing life ahead!


Blessings 😊



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