In  silence observe the unsteady behavior of life all around. The glistening of ice on the ground sparkling like diamonds and one step and your completely unsteady. The wind gently blowing, rocking a boat from side to side with an unsteady course forward. The sun slowly rising, causing an unsteady glare on the horizon.  In all of  nature we try to find our balance.

We want to easily glide across the ice without shattering the water beneath.  Try to balance our weight and control our stance to keep from falling. To get to the other side and look over our shoulder praising our accomplishments.

We try to steer the course straight ahead but like the winds of the sail, we find ourselves  veering off the straight path and into unsettled waters. We need to find the balance and keep those sails firm and strong to get us where we need to be.

The majestic sunrise, so fierce with power and glory,  the start of a new day.  We are given the chance to see beyond the glare, and seek a new beginning of another beautiful day of life. To make steady whatever comes our way and enjoy every moment!

We are able and we can gain composure. We can take all that is unsteady and use it to make us stronger, more enduring and willing to find whatever it is to make it all stable.

Love and blessings to all ❤️





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