Something Greater

I fall on my knees in prayer thanking God for another day. Putting aside all distractions, I’m just thankful and say all I am is yours. Grateful and willing to do the will of my God. This is how I choose to start my day.

Relying on human beings to gain happiness, attention and affection can fail at times. It’s part of being human and making mistakes. We are not perfect and there has to be something greater. I’ve come to learn this the hard way, and have fallen many times and will continue to do so. However I know now there is a righteous, loving , and graceful God.

In times of trouble, I always turn to God and ask for guidance and strength to get me through. God’s love endures, he is not judgmental and promises to protect and save us. In silence I wait for the answers. They may not appear instantly, but they do! It may be a painful journey, but I wait and wait patiently. Because there is something greater and without God I would feel empty. NOTHING can fill that void, except for God. Praying and trying to do what God wants us to, brings joy and fulfillment.

I hope that many of you come to realize this in your own personal journey. It’s a realization that is so rewarding once it is found.

Take a moment to listen to “None but Jesus” by Hillsong United. It’s inspiring and uplifting.

Here’s a few lines from the lyrics:

“None But Jesus”

In the quiet, in the stillness

I know that you are God

In the secret of your presence

I know there I am restored

When you call I won’t refuse

Each new day, again I’ll choose

There is no one else for me

None but Jesus

Crucified to set me free

Now I live to bring Him praise

Peace and love to you all ❤️

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