How can it be?

The world looks at you and thinks you have it all. You have a family, healthy kids, nice home and car, good jobs and everything seems perfect. However when you delve deeper underneath all the “stuff” unhappiness and sadness unfold. How can that be when it all seems so perfect ?

I look around at my own life. I have it all according to worldly standards. Am I happy, no, not really. I convince myself to believe that I am. I am very fortunate for the healthy children and thankful for all the material stuff. But inside I am drowning each and every day a little deeper. There’s emptiness and we are seeking for something to fill the void.

Again, someone may question how can that be when you have it all? What exactly does that mean anyway? As I explore my own inner battle, I realize it isn’t the “stuff” that brings contentment. I grew up in a family who wanted the American dream and created it. Started with nothing and now is abundant. But how we use that abundance is key. I was brought up with a strong faith in God, going to church every Sunday, my mom trying to keep the family all together. My parents worked hard and devoted their lives to us, so we can have a better life, strong education, and a greater purpose. So, how can it be that I am unhappy?

I believe it isn’t just one thing that causes unhappiness. For me, it is a chain of events over time that slowly clouded my world. My parents argued a lot while growing up, trying to keep their business thriving. My dad was an alcoholic and thankfully recovered. My parents didn’t talk to us, they yelled. They wanted the world to think we were perfect, but we weren’t. The pressures of many other factors evolved into a feeling of emptiness. It was and is a constant inner struggle.

As the middle child I was caught between siblings and parents. I was responsible for keeping the balance and still am to this day. As a child the pressure of life, school, friends and family just piled up inside. I know my parents meant well and perhaps didn’t know how to communicate and did what they could. So I take my past and use it to improve the present life I share with my own children.

How can it be that life just pulls you down and we search for something to get us out. My search led me to realize my faith in God was the way out. It’s still a daily struggle, but with God I begin my day with a new strength and hope. I still stumble, fall and fail at times, but I know I can trust in God and I will rise up.

I tell myself daily and reiterate these teachings to my children, love and trust God, respect the simple things , be compassionate, help others, be humble and love with your whole heart. Never judge someone and treat all equally no matter what race, nationality, status etc. We are all children of God.

We need to love one another and seek the good !

Blessings to all ❤️

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