Small Act of Kindness

It’s interesting how quickly life passes us by. Same daily routine and we walk past one another, not looking up to see the world around. We tend to keep to ourselves and not observe what exactly is happening all around. Perhaps someone is in need of help, do we even notice? Many may see but tend to avoid. We travel like robots down a very narrow tunnel, and can’t or do not want to see what’s on our left and right or even what’s behind.

I struggle and wonder why this is the way society is evolving. Is it because we don’t want responsibility for others? We don’t want someone else’s issues? Or are we scared for liability reasons? Perhaps we are so self centered that we just don’t have time for others?

I travel frequently and find myself observing how people interact. It amazes me how we are so reluctant to lend a hand. Are we scared or simply egocentric? It isn’t everyone , but it feels like the majority.

I wonder if we became more observant in the smallest way, it can cause a wave of small acts of kindness. Personally I feel there’s a lack of sincerity with one another. A quick smile, saying hello, or a reassuring glance. Simply being polite and kind. People are so addicted to technology, they forget to interact with one another. It’s becoming a lost trait and we are slowly losing how to to talk and engage with each other.

There needs to be a balance with worldly passions and with human compassion. If we can all take a moment to look up once in awhile and “see” what’s around. Let’s pause, take a deep breath, look around, reach out in kindness and humility and get to know and help one another. Maybe small acts of kindness can make this world a better place.

Blessings to all ❤️

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