Our Path

Through out our life’s journey we think about the path taken. What if we decided 20 years ago a different route, how would life be today? What ifs, could haves, we all think of them from time to time.

I realize the importance of embracing the moment. Whether I made the right choice or not, I have to deal with it and move forward. There is no right or wrong, we have to make the most of the path and deal with the consequences. Some days are wonderful and others are completely chaotic, but this uncertainty develops our character. We can choose to accept and live a happy peaceful life or complain and agonize and live bitter lives. It’s very difficult to be positive when everything is falling apart, but faith will help you see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Each of us have our crosses to bear. Some heavier then others, and it’s how we handle the load that dictates the lives we lead. I want to see the world with a clear mind and willing attitude.

Love the path given to you and feel the earth beneath your feet. Faith, love, hope and peace will carry you.

Blessings to you all


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