Who we choose to be…without judgement

Try to spend a day without judging. It is not an easy task. Try to extend it to a week, than a month and even longer. God love us all ❤️

My Reflection:

Inhaling and breathing slowly , I try to comprehend the culture of our youth. Was it always like this and we just weren’t aware since social media wasn’t present 20 years ago as it is today. I am struggling to understand and yet can not find peace in what is happening.

As I reflected on the changes of our world and relationships, I asked my daughter her thoughts. Were these changing times what God would want, was it acceptable to our faith and beliefs? Her reply really inspired me.

These are wise words from a 17 year old:

She said, mom, at the end of the day does it really matter what you and I think? Does it really matter what the world thinks? I believe God wants us to love one another, without judgment, unconditionally. At the end of the day, doing what makes us happy is what life is all about as long as what we do or believe doesn’t harm another person. Most important is that what we do and who we are, is making us happy in life. The majority of people in this world are so unhappy. If we stop judging and just let others be what they want and who they want, maybe life would be less complicated and more peaceful. “

This conversation truly touched my heart and made me realize the value of her thoughts. If we can all be so open minded, life maybe less complex and more peaceful. Let’s try to judge less and be happy.

Blessings to all 🌻❤️

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