It was a long day and I was short tempered with everyone. I snapped at a gas station attendant taking forever to assist me.

My mother turns to me and says “ is that the way I raised you? I taught you to be a good Christian , not to speak to someone that way.” I reacted quickly and stated the guy wasn’t doing his job and I needed to be on my way.

The next day while sitting on a plane, I focused on what she said. I thought of my three kids and wondered if I am being a good example. I remember the angry eye contact and harsh words I had with the gas station attendant and realized how wrong I was. Who was I to treat anyone like that. It wasn’t his fault I was having a bad day.

So I am sorry for treating anyone that way and hope we all think before we act. It is so easy to hurt people. So thank you mom for correcting me in my middle age. No matter how old we are , we need to check on our actions and improve them as we go along in life.

❤️ and blessings

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