Time cut short

This past week I lost a childhood friend. He was an incredible man, good husband and father and extremely faithful to God. At the age of 43 , God called him home. I am still in disbelief especially since he has a son, age 17, who has succumb to a wheelchair in a vegetative state in addition, two younger children. This family has suffered greatly through the years, but they still held strong to their faith and now even challenged greater to uphold their trust in God.

This couple were highschool sweethearts. My boyfriend and I at the time actually got them together and they had such a beautiful friendship and love for one another. I would give any moment to just feel that bond even though short lived and full of struggle. But to have a glimpse of that love, support and admiration is priceless and timeless. I completely agree with the saying it’s better to have loved for a short time then to have not loved at all. There are so many relationships that are shallow and unfulfilling that last forever, and are heart wrenching. Whereas my friends , the time was short but that time was endearing.

Why wast time with people who don’t love, don’t appreciate, who value nothing? I reflected on this , and realized God wants us to be with those “lost” souls to help them become loving, faithful and good people. Many of us suffer internally, mentally and physically in relationships, but there’s a reason for it all. We have to sit in silence and try to discover the purpose of why we are put in our circumstance.

Find the good in all the pain and understanding in all the mayhem.

Peace and love to you all. ❤️

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