Stop and wait

Waiting patiently for something you want so desperately is a heart wrenching feeling. A few days go by and the stress of waiting and longing for what I want is crippling the way I function and the way I’m thinking. So I STOP and realize this is not the way to handle what I want.... Continue Reading →

Above the clouds

How beauty shines from up above . Moving across the sky so quickly yet feeling as if time has not lapsed. How miraculous it is that the sun is gleaming above and below the rain drops are falling. like a mound of fresh snow suspended in the sky. It would be so nice if we... Continue Reading →

Clear sky

The sky is clear, not a single cloud. I stare above at the tranquil beauty. There’s a stillness and I gaze at the beautiful blue canvas and feel peace. For a second everything around me is still. I wish this feeling would last an eternity. Then a gentle breeze flows across me as to blanket... Continue Reading →

Thank you for another day

We open our eyes and thank God for another day. We ask God to give us strength to get through this day. The stress and demands of life weigh us down. Let us look beyond and see the good and happiness above all the chaos a day may bring. Let us all try to bring... Continue Reading →

Prayer for you

I pray that you may find yourself in God’s embrace. That you love with your whole heart. That you see with divine wisdom. That you be what God intended you to be. That you immerse yourself in God’s glory. This is my prayer for you ❤️

In times of darkness, there is light….

I came across this beautiful meditation for the day, from "Moments of Peace in the Presence of God". It brings hope to those who are feeling empty, lost and alone. I pray it brings some light and joy to those who need it in times of despair. Peace and love to you all ❤️

Our Path

Through out our life’s journey we think about the path taken. What if we decided 20 years ago a different route, how would life be today? What ifs, could haves, we all think of them from time to time. I realize the importance of embracing the moment. Whether I made the right choice or not,... Continue Reading →

Words to live by

I read this quote this morning and thought I would share with the world. In just a few sentences, God tells us how to live peacefully with one another. Peace and Blessings to all ❤️

Small Act of Kindness

It’s interesting how quickly life passes us by. Same daily routine and we walk past one another, not looking up to see the world around. We tend to keep to ourselves and not observe what exactly is happening all around. Perhaps someone is in need of help, do we even notice? Many may see but... Continue Reading →

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