Time slipping by

Wandering around this big city, observing the mix of human kind People racing all around as if they are all loosing time Many drown out the noise with ear buds, rapidly walking, looking straight ahead, no eye contact, no emotion, no life I watch with sadness, how this world is passing them by It feels cold,... Continue Reading →

Healing Water

I glide down the steps into glistening water. I submerge my entire body and feel all burdens wash away. The weightless sensation is a peaceful escape from all worries and pains. Floating in tranquil water, with my eyes closed and the warm sun beaming above, I am filled with strength. My ears flooded, I hear... Continue Reading →

Open your heart ❤️

I pray for you to open your heart and see the positive. To open your eyes and see the beauty. To open your ears and hear the whispers. Believe this moment is significant and the people and circumstance around are all vastly important. Trust that this is the plan and you are where you need... Continue Reading →

Above the clouds

How beauty shines from up above . Moving across the sky so quickly yet feeling as if time has not lapsed. How miraculous it is that the sun is gleaming above and below the rain drops are falling. like a mound of fresh snow suspended in the sky. It would be so nice if we... Continue Reading →

Clear sky

The sky is clear, not a single cloud. I stare above at the tranquil beauty. There’s a stillness and I gaze at the beautiful blue canvas and feel peace. For a second everything around me is still. I wish this feeling would last an eternity. Then a gentle breeze flows across me as to blanket... Continue Reading →

In times of darkness, there is light….

I came across this beautiful meditation for the day, from "Moments of Peace in the Presence of God". It brings hope to those who are feeling empty, lost and alone. I pray it brings some light and joy to those who need it in times of despair. Peace and love to you all ❤️

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