How can it be?

The world looks at you and thinks you have it all. You have a family, healthy kids, nice home and car, good jobs and everything seems perfect. However when you delve deeper underneath all the “stuff” unhappiness and sadness unfold. How can that be when it all seems so perfect ? I look around at... Continue Reading →


Be grateful and thankful for everything. Any big or small gesture, give thanks. For a kind word, quick smile, soft touch, give thanks. For family, friends, love, hope, faith and health, give thanks. The blue sky, grey ones too, the sun, the moon, and the stars, give thanks. In your darkest moments, think of the... Continue Reading →

Something Greater

I fall on my knees in prayer thanking God for another day. Putting aside all distractions, I’m just thankful and say all I am is yours. Grateful and willing to do the will of my God. This is how I choose to start my day. Relying on human beings to gain happiness, attention and affection... Continue Reading →


In  silence observe the unsteady behavior of life all around. The glistening of ice on the ground sparkling like diamonds and one step and your completely unsteady. The wind gently blowing, rocking a boat from side to side with an unsteady course forward. The sun slowly rising, causing an unsteady glare on the horizon.  In... Continue Reading →


“Sorrow is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart” (Ecclesiastes 7:3) We all strive to be happy,  but it is the hardships, struggles, sorrow and challenges that create who we are.  Sorrow penetrates our soul and afflicts our hearts. We struggle to believe there are better days ahead.  We live... Continue Reading →

Simple Rule

Simple Rule - Treat others the way you would like to be treated... Why is this so hard to follow? It's common sense, treat others the way you would want them to treat you. If we all followed this simple rule, wouldn't life be so much easier and happier? Greet one another kindly, say please... Continue Reading →

Back to Basics

I had a meeting with my corporate accountant the other day, and he looked at me and said the company's profitability isn't looking to good. He continued to tell me I had two options, either I step it up and take further control of the situation or close the doors by the end of next... Continue Reading →


What each one of us envisions as perfect is so fascinating. Someone told me to watch the show "This is Us" because it's so amazing and Jack is the most amazing father/husband. I was interested, and watched 3 shows from season 1 and tonight's Season 2 premiere. OMG , the perfect man dies! What the... Continue Reading →


It's so hard to rise above and conquer all obstacles and evils. To discover empowerment and move on .  We struggle each day with an overload of responsibilities and at the end of the day can feel so drained.  We just need someone to hear our story. To hear some response from similar circumstances and... Continue Reading →

Soul Mate

Who believes in Soul Mates?  Does this really exist? I do believe in soul mates and hope and pray that mine will realize he is where he is suppose to be at the right time. I met mine when we were young, I was 17 and knew it instantly.  Crazy, but to this day I... Continue Reading →

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